Don’t be an Obama-zombie…

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Don’t be an Obama-zombie…

By: AntiEvil360


For all the Obama sympathizers and especially those who are living in the Muslim countries, it is high time that people woke up and straightened up their allegiance based on truth and intelligent analysis rather than carrying a deluded opinion shaped through the modified feed of disinformation by Zionist mainstream media. I have heard and seen many people devoutly praising and become placard-holding Obama-zombies just because he is a black minority with a Muslim middle name and hence perhaps appeals to them more than a Caucasian President whereas in reality, it does not make a difference who is elected to the President office in the United States; black or white, Republican or Democrat. The man-mad democracy and as such inherently flawed and volatile to the elite’s exploitation of power, has reduced to be merely a ritual act of selecting a candidate from two different faces carrying the same evil political and social agendas. And if one seems more certain to be elected than the other, the second one gets the systematic battering by the controlled media to raise and sit the first one atop a pedestal of deaf and blind public reverence. The president-elect is hence given the mandate by the public and legitimacy to carrying out the pre-defined actions and policies in the coming four years, while the people look at the president as the anointed savior of provident wisdom and let themselves be happily ruled over while whole heartedly embracing the mental and the physical enslavement in ignorance… Every bit of the above lines hold true for Barack Hussein Obama.        



Who is this false Messiah?

Fact is, Barack H. Obama is merely a face-lift demagogue to the facade of the same agenda that the Neo-conservatives had had George W. Bush implenment for eight years in the recent history and by the devil worshiping Illuminates since as long back as Lucifer landed on the shores of the new found land in the personified-form of blood-thirsty Christopher Columbus. Our rock-star Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are Zionists to the core; both have at numerous occasions shown unequivocal support to AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in the US which is supported by Zionist financiers from the media and other big corporations. AIPAC is the same sinister organization that successfully lobbies in the Congress for the government’s approval for the illegal state of Israel’s genocidal cleansing of the Palestinian people. It explains why he did not once speak out on the recent barbaric attacks on the Palestinians.  



Think for a minute that how a person who was hardly known in the US politics let alone the world two and a half years ago, had no foreign policy exposure and on their resume carried a little experience in politics could become the President of United States? The fact that he made it to the White house is in itself a proof of his satanic plans or willingness to support those plans. Either way he is a bigger threat under the camouflaged rock star-image than his incompetent predecessor to the world peace in general and for the Muslim nations in particular.
Israeli President Shimon Peres is quoted as saying on Obama’s becoming the President:

Today is a great day not only for the United States of America, but for the entire world,” President Shimon Peres wrote in a letter addressed to Barack Obama on the day of his inauguration as president of the United States.

“Obama was elected by the United States, but as a matter of fact, he was chosen by the whole of humankind”




In June last year, during his visit to Israel and also at the 2008 AIPAC meeting, Obama made his intentions of supporting Israel clear when he talked in favor of the entire undivided Jerusalem being annexed to the illegal state of Israel in the context of the unjustified and even morally wrong two-state solution to the Middle East crisis, which quite naturally is not and shall never be acceptable to the Palestinians and Hamas. Even dimwit Bush had proposed the same American-backed solution with East-Jerusalem going to the Palestinians. He also promised to increase the annual US economic and military grant to the illegal state of Israel of which it is already the biggest recipient nation…  Talk about the ‘Hussein’ euphoria!   


The Puppet masters

As opposed to the grossly misunderstood notion, American domestic and foreign policies are not decided upon by the President himself. It is the money- making lobbies, behind-the-curtain elites and never-retiring policy makers who call the shots much earlier in time before their timely execution. Barack Obama might be black; a change in that sense, a minority and an impressive speaker/orator… but so what? Even Austrian-born Hitler was democratically elected leader of the Nazi Germany, was more charismatic and arguably a better speaker than Obama, don’t let yourself be fooled by his appearance or demeanor. He is indeed a black wolf in sheep’s clothing who fed on Neo-conservative Zbigniew Brzezinski’s evil doctrine of New World Order, the theory of world domination by military invasion and economic exploitation of nations which his mentor Leo-Strauss from University of Chicago formulated, whose student-clique include, among other fascists, the likes of Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld. This devil is working hard toward creating a one-world government to rein in the lives of billions of people the world over.



Your hope is their opportunity

Iraq war has been a big disaster for the US government from the beginning. First, it was the Rumsfeld’s, Dick Cheney’s and Collin Powell’s hollow rhetoric to create a false pretext of Iraq possessing WMD to invade the country and now it is the lies about there being a ‘gradual social-stability’ while over a million Iraqi children, women and men have been killed so far.  It’s an unpopular war among the people of the entire world and even has a little public approval in the US. Fact is, they miscalculated the war’s repercussions and fallout effects and a bit too much underestimated the Iraqi resistance. The US needed to get out of Iraq regardless of who got elected in the 2008 Presidential elections. Guantanamo Bay had to be closed down anyway, as it proved to be a financial liability which produced no results whatsoever. The public opposition against the prison’s legality had already started to rise sharply since its inception, but if these measures were seen by the world to have been carried out by dimwit Bush; the world would have a much lesser admirers of Obama. And what other better hope could he have been ‘shown’ by the Zionist mainstream media to be giving to the people and hence keeping the ignorant masses long for the political messiah to bring about the much-needed change in their lives and the world?… When in reality he offered none!

Barack Obama on Pakistan and Afghanistan

Barack Obama has time and time again emphatically pressed upon the need to send more troops to the Afghanistan and Pakistan border, both through out his election-campaign and since coming into the presidency. The  that more attacks could be launched in the territory to up-root the militancy while there is absolutely no elements in the impoverished, under-developed and the rugged area that could ever threaten America’s national security. In fact, the suicide bombings that occur in Pakistan could very well be carried out by Muslims, but by ‘illiterate’ Pakistani or Afghani dupes and patsies who are indoctrinated by moles (provocateurs, double-agents) such as Baitullah Mehsud and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan leaders, who are supported and financed by the criminal gang CIA and MOSSAD-trained RAW, through a large number of Indian consulates operating from Afghanistan’s soil under the supervision of ex- UNICOL employee Karzai’s unpopular presidency.


This objective is achieved by brainwashing those weak and un-educated pushovers on the lines of religion and cashing in on their dearly and sacredly held religious conviction or purely by promising monetary gains and perks for the families of those who volunteer themselves to die out of financial hardships of many years with no more hope left in them. This is not as criminal as it may appear at first; it is an act of sheer exploitation of human frailties in dire circumstances. And be assured such people are not at all hard to find in the region, create such economic and social climate in any part of the world and you will get the same human behavior and approach to life as a result.




Where are these fighters who have waged war against Pakistan getting weapons and who are they being financed by? Certainly, the state of Pakistan or the Army is not supplying weapons to them to stand the ground perpetually for such long period of time against the rather well-equipped Pakistani Army. Those who live or have lived in Pakistan know that the people of FATA have always fought for the country and never hesitated from defending its border every time the need arose, we also know that they are Pakistan-loving people and share a great deal of cultural and social values with the people of N.W.F.P and Baluchistan. Hence the financial, military and strategic assistance has to come from across the border in Afghanistan and the insurgency is certainly not home-grown. Contrary to what is promoted to be commonly believed, it is actually the western border of Pakistan that is being crossed into and not the other way around as falsely projected through the Zionist mainstream media.

Furthermore, these violent acts carried out by the paid-mercenaries are associated to the so-called ‘Jihadi’ organizations without ever producing any proof of whether the culprits were RAW/CIA assets or pure Afghan-Talibans. Keep in mind that never has a statement come out against the state of Pakistan from real Afghan-Talibans, why is it so? Merely labeling these attacks on their own asset like Moulvi Fazlullah of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’ should not be sufficient even for a child to believe the lies of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, Iraq war and Russia-Georgia conflict.  Public opinions are created to legitimize and gain support for carrying out already-decided-upon agendas and is primarily done by infiltrating profit-making newspapers and TV channels by giving them huge amounts of money and launching media campaigns aimed at creating confusion by asking wrong questions and debating wrong issues against those who are genuinely and rightly so putting up the only resistance against these invaders who are killing women, children and men on our lands. 

Dawn Newspaper reported this news-story on Jan. 26. 2008:

“President Barack Obama is likely to continue former president George W. Bush’s policy of “freely bombing” Pakistan’s tribal areas, says US scholar Noam Chomsky.

In an exclusive interview to Iranian Press TV, Mr. Chomsky said he was not sure if Richard Holbrook, the newly appointed US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, was the right person for the job.
Mr. Chomsky said it’s clear that Mr. Obama was going to continue Mr. Bush’s “doctrine of freely bombing Pakistan”.
He noted that there had already been some serious fighting in the NWFP and Fata and as many as 80 people were killed in a single bombing when US drones hit a madressah in Fata.”


Why Pakistan?

Why it is that Pakistan has become a threat all of a sudden? The answer lies in the country’s nuclear arsenal and its capability to deliver them anywhere in India and Israel through its large advanced missile cache. If the Zionist Israel is to continue with its greater Israel dream, a threat from a Muslim nation must be eliminated first. Governments in India, the US, the UK have joined hands with the Zionist Israel to isolate Pakistan and label it as a terrorist-infested country so that Pakistan’s nukes can be taken out and dismantled under the mind-bogglingly immature pretext of fear of those bombs going in the hands of the ‘ghosts’-militants. Fortunately for them, Insha’Allah it won’t be that simple a task.  Pakistan is not a signatory of NPT like Iran which is threatened and bullied around by the US. But certainly real tough times await Pakistan in the coming months as long as the CIA-backed Pakistani government comprising some of the most incompetent and corrupt political serfs serving their agenda remains in power.  

Mumbai attacks were a part of the same agenda where India launched a ‘false’ flag’ operation against its own people, so that it could be blamed on Pakistan’s ISI and a case against Pakistan could be built from there on in the international community. But as incompetent as they are, they messed up the whole Mumbai episode and exposed their own involvement in the attacks. Other than the mainstream media, alternate media reporters, journalists and investigators (except Wikipedia which is the biggest deceiving encyclopedia on the issues which call for a public perception to be created, as Wikipedia is edited by Zionist editors, I suggest in all honesty to never rely on Wikipedia, many of its articles are so obviously edited to cause confusion) have all termed the Mumbai attacks as an inside job of the Indian Government with the possible help from MOSSAD. The Anglo-American-Indo-Israeli alliance is the greatest to Pakistan’s sovereignty, they are working day in and day out to destabilize the nation by financing and supporting anti-Pakistan elements in Baluchistan and N.W.F.P. In the midst of this threat while the so-called educated class in the country are glorifying the greatness of America for electing a black man to the White House, while the women and the youth are busy dancing to the tunes of Indian movie songs….. What a SHAME and DISGRACE!

No Real Hope for America?

The only candidate who offered any real and substantial ‘change’ and ‘hope’ was Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. But just like it was expected he was blocked by these powerful lobbies from every public platform of campaigning for the Presidential election and pictured as a political fanatic in the media. He could lead the once-the-great nation of America back to the modern-day ‘patriarchy’ stature it enjoyed as a nation earlier in the twentieth century. Ron Paul courageously talked about the need to stop America’s biased financial support of Israel and the danger it poses to American people’s interest in the wider world. He downrightly denounced the America’s interventional foreign policy and spoke against the invasion of other sovereign nations, the illegal federal tax by IRS as per the constitutional clause and opposed the Federal Reserve’s secret closed-door decision-making right .

Too bad for the world that the Obama-mania hit the people as forcefully as planned producing the desired dazzling effect to turn them into Obama-zombies and anyone who questioned the Obama’s ‘hope’ plan, would automatically be frowned upon with suspicion and sidelined in the mainstream world of zombies.


Role of the Bankers

Goldman Sachs and other private banks poured millions of dollars into Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. Those who don’t know, the central bank of the USA, Federal Reserve Bank or the ‘FED’ is a private bank. In 1913, a bill was passed into a law by the Congress under the coercion from mainly Jewish private bankers that essentially gave the FED the authority to print bank notes and charge interest on loaning colossal amount of money to the Government and the private banks and hence as such does not come under the US government’s regulations. In fact, under the US law, the Fed cannot be audited and can give money to any group or an individual bestowing favors vested with interests in the government and the corporate America without those favors ever coming to the knowledge of an ordinary American.  




This profit-making secret group of bankers which literally creates money out of thin air and steals it back from people by first printing value-less greenbacks without any fear and then fluctuating the interest rate purely at whim causing artificial inflation followed by deflation and then hyperinflation, hence making the hard working and honest Americans go down further in debt while the few men on top make profits through purposely engineered news-material like ‘ Global economic collapse’ of today to redeem further gains from the fake (unnatural growth)  economic achievements of weak foundations of many countries in the US dollar dependant ‘globalized’ world. Be noted that the US dollar is not backed by any real commodity with an intrinsic value such as gold or silver, making the currency literally nothing more than a piece of paper. In fact, in today’s grossly over producing-than-its-real-capacity world, the money is created by creating debt and does not even have to be printed. Every bill you seem to own in your pockets is actually owed to someone by someone else, money creation is the other name for perpetual debt.

The 900 billion dollar plus economic stimulus package put forwarded by the Obama administration is not a relief package for the masses. Essentially it means more borrowing from the central bank and more taxes levied on the public and subsequently further devaluing of the already-valueless dollar, paving the way toward further economic downfall. The current Economic collapse is engineered, Federal Reserve carried out a systematic economic collapse in 1929 known as ‘Great Depression’ exactly in the same manner. The only difference is that it was an inflationary collapse whereas today’s is a deflationary one with far more profit making opportunity in the globalized, inter-connected financial world, for the elites and the profit making entities of the Western world, called ‘Central Banks. This deflationary depression is all set to be followed by micro as well as macroeconomic hyperinflationary disorder. The current Federal Reserve’s chairman Ben Bernanke is on record to have admitted the role of this sinister bank in causing the Great Depression. Bernanke said, addressing Milton Friedman on his birthday.

Regarding the Great Depression, You’re right, we (the Federal Reserve) did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.”        

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America wisely said:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first  by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”


What does the Obama-administration mean for the American People?

Americans must brace to see more government bailouts gradually changing the USA into a socialist police state of ‘United Social States of Republic of America’ (‘Social’ read: Authoritative) with further national debt created ($13 trillion today) and increased governmental control of the private companies in the very free-market economy the US has always been the frontline protagonist nation.  

In the next few years to come, more civil liberties are expected to be curtailed and people will witness a more centralized form of economy with the increased government’s interventional role in the personal life of the people and the banking cartel’s profits (more possession of companies, strategic ownerships: both in the government and the private sector and accumulation of public wealth: foreclosure of houses and repossession of cars etc) seeing a manifold jump while keeping the dumb downing pop culture and materialism as the core tools of their propaganda-machine, for it serves to keep Americans blind and numbed to the slow robbing of their personal liberties and wealth. The further policing of the nation with the creation of a civilian national force which is one of Obama administration’s openly acknowledged agenda, basically to contain people’s reaction when the meant-to-be recession takes a further plunge into full-blown depression and the ensuing public chaos. They are already talking about taking away the constitutional right of carrying arm from the American people so that there could be no physical resistance put up against the government. This public chaos will subsequently become the reason for the government to enact new laws to slash personal rights and making the elites and the illuminates who had Obama get elected in the first place, the New World Order’s pharaohs… although the apparent change could take up to two Obama terms to be fully noticed.   

Barack Obama is only the front-man in the hands of the puppet masters for a bloodier and much ruthless other half of the grand satanic game to get them started with. May Allah (SWT) protect the Muslims and non-Muslims alike from these people’s evil design against humanity and in particular give strength, means and wisdom to the Muslims to be able to fight their armies and social influences off their lands and help protect our children from the dangers of the current and much more satanic future world order while these devil worshipers seek to further extend their evil socio-economic and military hegemony over the world.  



Media Library: 



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