Nation of Crackeads: Too High on Ignorance

Nation of Crackheads: Too ‘High’ on  Ignorance

By: AntiEvil360 


We all know through the text books we were taught in school that how China had once become a nation of opium-addicts. Chinese were lured into believing that the dry leaves had only a psychoactive effect of recreational level with no major behavioral impact. It was a great economic conspiracy devised by the English to balance trade with China, which at the time was hugely in favor of the Chinese, only because they were self-sufficient and not dependant on Europe to meet their requirements. It was only until after the East India Company started growing poppy crop in the sub-continent and in turn exported opium to China that the great civilization started to be known as “The Nation of opium-addicts”. The subsequent Opium Wars with China and its defeat and the accession of Hong Kong to the British Empire which they used to launch economic exploitations across mainland China with the help of (on-record fact) jewish drug cartels spearheaded by Indian jewish named David Sassoon, who is likened with the Rothschilds of Europe. All these events are not just talks but historical facts. So we must not in any way make light of their dirty and satanic intents.    


Unfortunately, this ugly phenomenon is taking place in our own backyard now. A lot of the opium originated/produced in Afghanistan makes it way to the cities and rural areas of Pakistan. It’s readily available everywhere and has become in many circles a ‘socializing-drug’, regardless of classification of the social-groups  such circles belong. The use of this illicit drug known in localized terms as ‘Garda’ or ‘Sheera’, alternate terms ‘Hashish’, ‘Ganja’, ‘Charas’ are also used or more commonly known as Marijuana in the West is catching on fast with our youth fuelled by excessive display of charas consumption in our dramas, movies and soaps that wrongly drives its inspiration from western media (just like western-styled democracy, form of governance and feminist movements etc) because of our subservient colonialized mindset that exist to this day and we continue to act like serfs advocating their agenda. It has taken a status of a ubiquitous fad, a trend that if you don’t adopt then somehow you are made to feel like being social outcast, especially many of the teenaged boys and the ones in their early twenties get affected by this grossly misleading illusion. Widespread usage of this drug that would be once frowned upon has taken shelter and hence flourishing under our own insensitivity. We need to first wake ourselves up and then help rid our society of this menace. Entire nations are wiped off of the surface of earth due to people’s apathetic attitude and continuous disobedience to the will of God. Prosperity and not destruction should await our nation in future.


About antievil360

AntiEvil360 is only an attempt to unravel truth from falsehood and spread awareness among people. It is an open forum and a person from any religious, ethnic, national or racial background/affliation can contribute with their articles and research work, Insha'Allah. predominantly the work on AntiEvil360 is geared toward issues concerning Muslims but any brother or sister in humanity is welcome to spread awareness based on truth for we believe in impartiality. Thank You. AntiEvil360
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One Response to Nation of Crackeads: Too High on Ignorance

  1. Shooomm says:

    Drugs Kill… worse than Bullets.

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