War, Palestine and Propaganda…

 War, Palestine  and Propaganda

By AntiEvil360 


The Gaza Massacre

About three months ago, the terrorist Zionist so-called state of ‘Israel’ brutally massacred over one thousand three hundred Palestinians in the recent attacks on Gaza (although I am more than certain the actual number of causalities runs into a much greater figure). The Zionist oppressors dropped bombs by the hundreds every day on the unarmed men, children and women in Gaza, the most densely populated piece of land on earth walled on all sides and bordering the Red Sea on its western border. The siege of Gaza is the worst kind of oppression of a group of people based on racial and ethnic lines in modern civil history of the world.

The humanitarian crisis that followed the barbaric aggression was followed by the partially-reported siege of many years and resulted in the genocidal cleansing of Palestinians, killing many more people in the walled so-called ‘Palestinian territories’. It is only now that the world has awakened to Israel’s brutality, including the people of many western nations who have started to give Israel the long-due reputation of being an apartheid racist state. It is to be noted that at the end of the World War II, Palestine was illegally snatched, by all moral, ethical and contemporary world standards by the Zionists Israelis from its rightful inhabitants in 1948 under the Balfour agreement, only for the illegal state to further extend its boundaries in the post-era of the Arab-Israel war of 1967 which they continue do so even to this day. 


In the face of this inhuman brutality the Western-backed PLO and the tyrant Arab rulers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan yet again un-surprisingly acted in their self interests that lie in power, money and false prestige. Even Roman-catholic Venezuela expelled half the staff of the Israel consul general in protest against the slaughter of innocent people by the Israeli goliaths while King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in 2008 alone bestowed hundreds of thousands of dollar worth of jewelry and personal gifts to Condoleezza Rice and Georg W. Bush and his spouse.


Christian-Jewish Support

The conceptual existence-to-be of greater Israel is important for Zionists to gain support of Evangelical Christians like Pastor John Hagey, who mainly hail from the Midwest and Southern states of the United States. These new-born Christians, in their blind adherence to the belief of the second coming of Jesus Christ (pbuh), are being taken advantage of by the Zionists (read: ‘devil’ worshippers) who are cashing in on this religious conviction, and hence in reality building a system that will ultimately have anti-Christ as its leader.

God had commanded the twelve lost tribes of ancient Israel to disperse on Earth and thus obeying the divine ordain would ensure the survival of Jewish-Semitic race. Contrary to the widely spread belief, modern-day ‘Elders of Zion’ were a bunch of secular minded Zionists headed by a Hungarian Jewish philosopher named ‘ Theodore Herzle’. The political movement of Zionism was started only as early as in late 19th century. Point in consideration:  The illegal state of Israel has nothing to do with the religious teachings of the Jewish people as falsely projected by the western media for political and monetary gains.


By Way of Deception

The latest crimes of Zionist Israelis in Gaza are only a step forward leading toward a conclusive war of catastrophic proportion between the most evil human elements of the world and the good faction of the human race. The concept is known as Armageddon in biblical and other religious scriptures. The creation of this evil group of people is not a matter of sudden kneejerk–like realization of a plan; rather it’s a long, on-going process of polarization of people along the lines of two ideologies pulling in opposite directions.

The mainstream media plays an extremely vital role to make the lies and falsehood as standard established notions in the minds of people. I urge you in all honesty to please NOT turn to your TV sets for political news especially to News channels like BBC, SKY CNN, FOX, CBS, Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, and also some Pakistani news channels, notably GEO) as these profit-earning entities are funded by Western agencies and news groups, and it is no surprise the piper would only play the tune that the master wishes to hear. International news agencies such as Reuters and Associated Press are even worse. Mainstream Journalism is not about stating plain simple events in truth; rather it’s about creating a public opinion in favor of the vested-interests of those who financially reward these organizations. Whenever you find a quote reported by these news organization in your local newspapers, know that very moment that it’s very likely that you are about to read a lie written by a paid-employee of the Zionist media to mold and twist your understanding of the world around you.

Remember that if you don’t rely on the biased mainstream media that is designed to spread disinformation you can only be not-informed, but if you continue to watch the Rupert Murdoch-owned Zionist media which is bent hard on confusing minds then you will only be misinformed. Disinformation is a disease and complicity is no excuse for not standing up against crimes. Educate yourself and those who are around you. Identify the wrongs and unravel truth from falsehood.

In the midst of this social and economic chaos, ordinary masses are made and encouraged to stay ignorant by means of constant feeding into their minds of absolute disinformation. The ignorant masses continue to be affected, influenced and indoctrinated by the Zionist-owned mainstream media and to a lesser extent alternative media as well. This kind of propaganda-geared media makes men infertile of the otherwise normal human reaction of putting up a resistance against savagery and condemnable oppression. In turn, the constant altered feed of unnatural ideas  give  women in their sub-conscience a false push to believe that they are inherently justified callers for female ‘rights’, and their needs and responsibilities are same as those of men. This part of their agenda is being successfully achieved through promoting artificially-instilled thought-provocations in the minds of women such as ‘Women liberation movements’, ‘female right’s and ‘gender equality’ which indeed are systematic ways to weaken the natural humanistic set-up of a household – the basic component of a nation. This ensures the ‘desired’ apathy of the new and coming generations resulting in a collective social imbalance at a wider scale in society.

The phenomenon drives its glittery strength from satanic capitalistic values that majority of us seem to have embraced and adopted in naiveté under the brainwashed mentality of ‘Life-is-short, have-fun” slogan. World over, youth are becoming subservient to the capitalistic ways of life and unknowingly seeking conformity with those norms and beliefs that are in essence satanic in every aspect. It’s only a matter of time when many of our own children will become frontline advocators of not only those ways that seem subtle right now, but the whole doctrine of satanic values as well.


Role of Muslims

People, including many ‘enlightened’ pacifist Muslims, who are advocating ‘peace’ in the wake of war and justifying to themselves their dependency on material needs, will label our real righteous heroes as radical or “fundamentalist”. But little do they know what it really means to submit to the will of God, which requires a true believer to stand up against oppression. It is unfortunate that today those true heroes who can protect the sanctity of our households and defend our lands are casually labeled as ‘terrorist’ by the egotistical, self-proclaimed, and enlightened yet grossly deluded materialism-driven people found among our ranks.

Such comfort-seeking and deluded masses pose no threat to their agenda of world domination through one-world government. The freemasons and illuminates of today are running secret organizations in the forms of the Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission and Senate committee for Foreign affairs, whose strings are in the hands of the Zionists, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the private Banking cartel of the US and the UK while the desired policies toward building their fascist one world government and to extend their satanic hegemony are carried out by the front men known as ‘Democratic Politicians’.  

May Allah (SWT) destroy the arrogant invaders and their imperialistic plans that they wish to achieve by any means possible, which mainly include but not limited to the policies of interventionism, invasion of foreign lands, and cognitive and physical enslavement of humans. May Allah (SWT) give Muslims and non-Muslims alike the strength to not only understand their plan that they have devised against us but also fend off the oppressors’ onslaught on the human race and help us all stay steadfast to the path of righteousness, purity and untainted natural instinct (Fitrah).



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AntiEvil360 is only an attempt to unravel truth from falsehood and spread awareness among people. It is an open forum and a person from any religious, ethnic, national or racial background/affliation can contribute with their articles and research work, Insha'Allah. predominantly the work on AntiEvil360 is geared toward issues concerning Muslims but any brother or sister in humanity is welcome to spread awareness based on truth for we believe in impartiality. Thank You. AntiEvil360
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