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Nation of Crackeads: Too High on Ignorance

Nation of Crackheads: Too ‘High’ on  Ignorance By: AntiEvil360    We all know through the text books we were taught in school that how China had once become a nation of opium-addicts. Chinese were lured into believing that the dry leaves had only a psychoactive effect of recreational level with … Continue reading

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War, Palestine and Propaganda…

 War, Palestine  and Propaganda By AntiEvil360    The Gaza Massacre About three months ago, the terrorist Zionist so-called state of ‘Israel’ brutally massacred over one thousand three hundred Palestinians in the recent attacks on Gaza (although I am more than … Continue reading

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(Vid) Webster Tarpley ( American Modern Historian from Princeton University) on Mumbai attacks…

Indian govrenment and its secret agencies, including RAW are exporting terrorism into Pakistan while suppressing minorities in India.. Mumbai attacks were only a step toward isolating Pakistan by labeling it a ‘terrorist-infested’ country to legitimize attacking and dismantling Pakistan.. WHY? …. To take … Continue reading

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(Vid) George Galloway (Bristish MP) on Sky News…

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Who are the ‘terrorists’ in SWAT, FATA and Pakistan…   Swat & FATA for dummies: Who has Infiltrated the “Taliban”. Who are the terrorists in Pakistan? Posted on February 23, 2009 by Moin Ansari Noticias de Rupia | Nouvelles de Roupie | Rupiennachrichten | новости рупии | 卢比新闻 | … Continue reading

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Don’t be an Obama-zombie…

AntiEvil360 – Seek truth and spread it by all possible means Don’t be an Obama-zombie… By: AntiEvil360   For all the Obama sympathizers and especially those who are living in the Muslim countries, it is high time that people woke up … Continue reading

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